H to the O

The story of water is much more than just what you drink every day. But because you DO drink it every day, it is worth thinking about. Today: the water industry.

There are definitely some people out there who can explain the problem with water better than me, so please give this smart lady 8 minutes of your life:

Story of Water Video.

In Italy people just got a chance to decide if they want their water privatized or not. They clearly said NO. This means that Italian water will not move into the hands of multinationals and the Italian state finally will have to invest in the aging water system.

You can see here how easily influenced our consumer habits are: Imagine Mac would start selling water. I am sure they would have success with it. We should rather spend our energy to give FREE access to water to those who do not have it.

Interested? Please have a look at the documentary TAPPED. It tells the story in detail.

Image courtesy of Story of Stuff.


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