Postcard from Africa

What is your image of Africa? Have you ever thought about it?

Glen participants from all over Europe try to make you do exactly that. They want you to make your own idea and share it. Send a postcard from Africa telling your – or someone else’s – story. Together we can change the image this beautiful continent has in our minds.

“If you have ever thought that there is probably something else in Africa than poverty, hunger and war, then you are right here.

We cannot say how Africa “really” is. Therefore it is far too complex and too different from one country to the other. But we can show you what we experienced in Africa, introduce you to some people we met and tell you which personal impressions we got.”

The homepage is available in English, German and French. The Czech page is under construction.

Another postcard from Africa is the Pan-African Postcard from Pambazuka News, a Pan-African online newspaper. (Pambazuka publishes in French, English and Portuguese).

Check out for example the following discourse:

‘Can African women or women of African descent ever be truly liberated if they never learn to love their hair as it grows out of their head?’, asks H. Nanjala Nyabola.

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