Finally, there is a package-free store for food. In.gredients fights the waste production.

The idea of In.gredients is simple: ZERO WASTE. Why not reusing glass bottles, plastic containers and all the other stuff we costantly throw away?

Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle. The new shopping experience goes as follows: bring your containers from home, weight them, and fill them with groceries. Pay, and off you go. They call it pre-cycling.

Here is a nice video presenting the whole concept:

in.gredients Video – Full Version (2:05)

So far it is only live in the US (Austin), but hopefully some other people will pick up the idea. Until then, you can always bring your used plastic bags to markets and supermarkets. It is a first step.


4 thoughts on “NO MORE PACKAGING

  1. Finally, a live pre-cycling project! Next step: ambitiously, South America? It connects directly to the documentary Waste Land. Great value post! I love you

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