Movies That Matter

Besides the documentaries I usually talk about, there are also many movies which should totally be seen by as many people as possible. Let’s collect some ideas.

Movies that matter” is a Dutch foundation related to Amnesty International showing “movies that open eyes”. All the movies proposed are concerned with Human Rights’ topics. They also organize a festival every year in March in The Hague.

I got inspired by this idea and wanted to create a Kosmos 9 list of movies that matter. With your help of course. Here are my propositions:

Cidade de Deus (City of God) – How to grow up in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods of the world?

Two friends are coming of age in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro before taking different paths in life.

Tagline: If you run they’ll catch you. If you stay they’ll eat you.

Shooting Dogs / Hotel Rwanda. – About what happend in Rwanda and the moment where you have to decide whether to act or not.

The two movies have a rather similar story and message. They both tell the story of the genocide in Rwanda.

Tagline (Hotel Rwanda): When the world closed its eyes, he opened his arms.

The Bubble. – Friendship and love somewhere in between the conflict of Israel and Palestine.

The story follows a group of friends in Tel Aviv and the love story of a young Israeli and a young man from Palestine.

No Tagline.

Paradise now. – Why would someone become a suicide bomber?

This is the story of two childhood friends who are recruited as suicide bombers.

Tagline: From the most unexpected place, comes a bold new call for peace.

I would also like to organize a “movies that matter” film night sometime with whatever movies we are collecting here. Contact me if you are interested.


4 thoughts on “Movies That Matter

  1. The movie Children of Men, Rahel. One of my ultimate favorite movies! It does deal with persecution of illegal immigrants if you talking about movies that deal with human rights!

  2. I am proposing a list wherein although movies are not directly on the topic of “Human rights”, they are worth to be watched:

    – Dead Poet Society
    – Papillon
    – Scent of a woman
    – Downfall
    – The Diving Bell and The Butterfly
    – The life of David Gail (this one’s very human righty)

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