All Quiet On The World Front

There must be less and less important things happening in the world. Or is it that we are less interested, maybe?

Watch the following TED talk about international news coverage in the US.

The number of foreign correspondents has not only been reduced in the US. Similar cuts have been made in Great Britain.

The European Journalism Observatory goes even as far as to cover the question if foreign correspondents are becoming redundant? Since news are costly, and it is even more costly to send people abroad, newspapers are cutting the number of foreign correspondents. Why bother to go there and see for yourself while everyone else is just reading about it on Twitter or Facebook?

But what is at stake here is our information. Free and accurate information cannot and should not be limited by cost reduction.

News agencies often argue that they only show us what we want to see. Helen Petersen has just published an amazing report called The Need for Foreign Correspondents, a Cost Benefit Analysis. In this document you can find the answers to whose fault it might be that we are getting less and less international news when our world is becoming more and more global. A paradox in itself.


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