Fighting Fake Food

What the hell is fake food? Well, how about food with more sugar than a bottle of coke but which has written “healthy” all over it?

Thilo Bode is attacking the lies which come to the table and into our stomachs in his book Die Essensfälscher (the food fakers, so far only available in German). He says that nowadays the food industry has to be creative in order to increase sales. So they start telling us all kinds of stories about their products.

Be it “Improving Your Skin in Only 4 Weeks” or “One Cent of Every Bottle Goes to Saving the Rain Forest”, it is no longer possible to simply buy a product. It always has some other use to it.

The author has founded the non-profit and independent organisation “foodwatch“, operating now in Germany and The Netherlands. They write about themselves: “foodwatch draws public attention to practices in the food industry that are not in the interests of consumers. foodwatch fights for the right of consumers to honestly know what they are buying and to enjoy good food that is healthy and uncontaminated. We are fed up with being fed off.”

Germany is generally fighting dishonesty in the food industry. The new public platform allows users to complain directly about products. Founder Ilse Aigner criticizes especially unclear labelling, and says that the website will give customers the possibility to indicate cases in which what is inside the packet does not coincide with what is made believe from the packaging.

Check out the biggest lies in German food advertisement. foodwatch has initated a public poll and presents the winners. Starring: the wanna-be healthy and fruity candies of Nimm2 and the light Milchschnitte to snack on. Enjoy!


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