Climate Change, Blogs and Gossip

These days journalism does not work without mentioning some prominent people every now and then.

So Kosmos 9 goes with the flow and presents the people category. We are proud to introduce our first star: Joe Romm.

His blog Climate Progress has become one of the most important sources on climate change. Romm has a PhD in Physics, which means he probably knows what he is talking about. In his blog you will find posts such as the most toxic US states or how green jobs fight poverty in Mozambique.  Generally, the homepage Think Progress, where his blog is located, is worth reading. They post updates on Global Warming and Health Care as well as advocating LGTB topics.

What I like the most about Joe Romm is that, like any real celebrity, he is in some serious gossip. OK, maybe not so much like the usual kind. But he definitely has some enemies. Roger Pielke Jr. (who himself seems to be rather from the cornucopian team) posted for example in May an article called Joe Romm Lies.


3 thoughts on “Climate Change, Blogs and Gossip

  1. Cornucopian team lol Lane has invaded your mind. I was missing you on Facebook and Skype. So came to get a piece of you in your blog. Joe Romm’s blog is really good. Lots of love from S world.

  2. Hey there, good to see you here! Sure thing, Joe Romm is worth some of our precious time. I’m back in civilisation now, I better get today’s post ready.

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