Oceans of Waste

We are still on our surfing holiday, so here comes the Surfers’ Special, Part Two.

Imagine that you are paddling into the best wave ever and that is when you get hit by an empty paint bucket or your hands get caught up in a lost fishing net.

Do you think that won’t happen? Well, think again. The oceans are becoming oceans of waste and your favourite beach won’t be spared.

If you don’t believe it check out the organisation 5 gyres (or even if you believe it, check it out anyway). They explain the problem in quite an easy way: “Take a look around you – most of what we eat, drink, or use in any way comes packaged in petroleum plastic – a material designed to last forever, yet used for products that we then throw away.” And now guess where all of that plastic ends up? You are are right. In our oceans.

Our oceans are quite clever and dynamic. And so the trash ends up in so-called gyres: “massive, slow rotating whirlpools in which plastic trash can accumulate”. There are currently 5 of these oceanic garbage dumps. One of the biggest is in the North Pacific between the US and Hawaii.

Watch this movie by surfer Kyle Thiermann talking about his trip to Hawaii, where he found beaches packed with garbage.

A little extra: the movie features Jack Johnson. Kyle has a lot more to offer on his website Surfing for Change.

Amazing illustration by sepponet, thanks.


5 thoughts on “Oceans of Waste

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