Birth of a Country

The rise of a new nation is an outstanding event. It can lead to peace and stability in a region. Is this – finally – going to happen in Palestine?

The public opinion collector Avaaz is supporting Palestine in its fight to become a country. It is today that “the UN Security Council will meet, and the world has an opportunity to embrace a new proposal that could turn the tide on decades of failed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: UN recognition of the state of Palestine.” Over 120 nations have already accredited Palestine as a nation; it is only the Western powers missing and the United Nations. You can sign the petition with one click and read more about the Avaaz initiative here. Is a big change in this world starting today?

It does not happen very often that a new nation is born. You might have read about South Sudan, which became independent in July 2011. The violence in Sudan is however going on. Other rather new nations are Kosovo, Montenegro and Timor-Leste, but the list of countries which have been recently born is much longer.

Picture by fieldreports, thank you!


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