All You Can Eat

Imagine picking your own fruit just next to where you live. Do you think that is not possible because you live in a city? Pluk de Stad proves you wrong.

The idea is coming from Utrecht in the Netherlands, where a couple of young people realized that there is so much edible food going to waste around them. Besides, they would like to show that we are not depending on food which is shipped in from the other side of the world causing tons of CO2 emissions.

Pluk de Stad is a platform for places where you can collect food: for free! It works in a very simple way: on a map, every tree or plant in the open space is registered. In Utrecht for example, you can find apple tree on the map, or see where to collect your own linden blossoms. I just found out that in my direct neighbourhood there are lots and lots of pear and prum trees – yummie.

On the website you also see indications about when a certain fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. Additionally you can directly find information about what you are about to pick, and recipes about what you can do with it.

The initiators say the idea is “not that everyone is becoming a farmer but rather to make you see how easy it can be to find edible plants within the city and to pick your own food. For us, each new tree planted in Utrecht in public parks which bears edible elements is a new element in our public grocery store!”

What can you do? Add trees and plants of your city to the map (unfortunately it is only available in Dutch so far). The movement has already reached many places outside Utrecht. Do you know what grows around you?


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