The Greenest Car of All

Do you like driving? Check out what is in store for greener driving this year. One thing: you might have to learn Japanese.

The German newspaper TAZ publishes an article about the most environmental cars of the year. The Japanese cars of Toyota are the winners, they take up rank 1-4. The list was published by the  “Alternativer Verkehrsclubs Deutschland” (Alternative Transport Club Germany). It clearly states that Toyota produces the best cars when looking at exhaust emissions, CO2 emissions and noise. Top ranked is Lexus CT 200h, followed by Prius III. Hybrids like those two seem to dominate the environmental car choice one has today.

When looking only at the CO2 emissions, the winner is the Smart fortwo coupé 40 kW cdi You can find all the scores and lists in on the homepage of the VCD.

Obviously it is hard to tell which car is the most environmental, a list by (published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy)  sees the winner in the HONDA Civic GXc which is fueled with natural gas. Honda apparently has been winning this price for a couple of years now. In this ranking we see only two hybrid cars (of which one is Toyota Prius).

The problem I see with natural gas: well, it’s simply not a renewable energy source whereas eletric hybrids are more flexible. Read more about why to choose hybrid over natural gas here.

For more information on the struggle of ecologic driving alternatives, check out the documentary “Who killed out the electric car“. It is worth watching.

Picture courtesy by Mr Munning on Tour. Cheers.


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