Bring the World into your Living Room

How about teaching a young and interested person about the world you live in, your culture and your language, while at the same time learning about another culture without leaving your house?

It sounds terrific? Well, just host a foreign exchange student.

How does it work? Around 40’000 volunteers all over the world make it possible. Most of them have had an own AFS experience and want to pass it onto more young people. In order to keep on doing a great job in making international friendships, AFS needs host families. Check out how it is to host a student from abroad:

AFS is already present in more than 60 countries, so the student who will live with you for one year might come from Malaysia, Guatemala or Kenya. Intercultural Learning and Global Education are core elements of the AFS experience, which tries to turn young people into responsible world citizens.

AFS international is a non-profit organisation which dates back to the first world war and aims at world peace. The founding fathers of the organization were “young Americans living in Paris volunteered as ambulance drivers at the American Hospital of Paris. AFS participated in every major French battle and carried more than 500,000 wounded during World War I.” After the two wars, they decided that EVERYTHING should be done to avoid another war like that from happening. The idea was: people who know each other do not make war. Contact creates friendship which creates bridges between cultures. The exchange programme AFS was born.

It is an amazing experience. Interested?


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