Top Drop

Two Women. Two pairs of skies. Five of the highest mountains of South America. And access to drinking water for thousands of people.

Two Swiss ski instructors take their love for nature as inspiration to take up the ultimate challenge: They will climb five mountains in South America of which the highest (Illimani in Bolivia) is 6435m in order to give a better living to people on the continent.

The idea is that people and organisations can donate a certain amount of money for every meter they manage to go towards the top of one of the five mountains. Half of the money they collect will go to Viva con Agua Switzerland, who is planning a water project in Guatemala. The other half will go into a project helping street children in Bolivia. Participate and support the kids in Bolivia and the people in Guatemala.

The German-born organization Viva con Agua actually does a lot of cool stuff. Check out their page! They organize festivals and concerts and educate children about the importance of water. Besides they raise a lot of money on their events for “the funding and implementation of water projects around the world and thus enabling people to access clean water. The organisation exists so far in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

They explain: “It’s the world’s economically poorest who suffer the most under the increasing shortage of water resources. Half the population in developing countries – around 2.5 billion people – live without sanitation and around 900 million people do not have sustainable access to clean, safe water.” All the work done within Viva con Agua is volunteering. The organization proofs with its concerts and other events that doing volunteer work and caring for other people can be fun and feel good. Want to join? 

We are in the middle of the World Water Week in Stockholm, you will hear more about it later this week here on Kosmos 9.


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