“Mommy, what’s a carrot?”

I know, I know, I’m being annoying with my carrot stories. But seriously, ask those kids around you what healthy food is. They probably do not know.

I just came across the organisation Nourish and they are doing some fabulous work in order to fight this. In the center of the organizations educational work is the notion of food literacy. Their goal is to “open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability“.

In their programms they teach children that all food has a story and connects people from all over the planet. It helps the young people to realize some of the problems linked with the food we eat such as CO2 emissions, species loss and economic inequality. Nourish suggests that you can vote with your fork and that your personal choices do matter.

In other lessons Nourish helps the children understand what is behind food ads and how they influence us in our choices. “The majority of food advertising is for highly processed foods, including fast foods, convenience foods, candy, sweetened cereals, snack foods, and soft drinks.” Which moves us to another topic which is discussed in the Nourish lessons: The school lunch survey. Personally, I believe that you have to give children responsability and knowledge and they will surprise you!

Besides the classes for schools, Nourish also offers a big database of information for grown-ups. (Even if those lessons above really should be taught to everyone, I think). Learn about healthy parenting, heirlooms or how to eat with the seasons and many more interesting topics.

And now back to school with Jamie Oliver, he has all the eerie facts:

The United States are the home of bad school food, aren’t they. But in the US there is also good stuff going on. In Colorado they are starting to cook school food from scratch. Obviously, that is how it is supposed to be but budget and time often do not allow it.


2 thoughts on ““Mommy, what’s a carrot?”

  1. This is so incredible and awesome speech!!! I was so inspired! It’s so stupid that people especially in some countries, where their traditional food is so healthy, give up traditional food and have fancy on fast food. This speech should be translated into different language and let more people know this. Some people are influenced by environment and change their diet in an unhealthy way unconsiously. That is always we say that education change people. ^_^

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