World Wide Water

In Stockholm the 2011 edition of the World Water Week just came to an end. After the week long of talking, it is to hope that actions will follow.

The World Water Week is hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute. It brings together experts and leaders from the water sector to discuss and find solutions. This year’s edition was running under the title “Water in an Urbanising World” since more and more people are moving to cities. At offer were different workshops from “Adapting cities to Climate Variability and Change” to “Urban Inequities: Service Delivery and Social Development”.

The main outcome of the week of discussions is that we need to secure water access for everyone. The final Stockholm Statement says:

“The ‘Stockholm Statement’ calls on leadership at all levels of government that will participate at the Rio+20 Summit (4-6 June 2012) to commit to achieving “universal provisioning of safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and modern energy services by the year 2030″ and to adopt intervening targets to increase efficiency in the management of water, energy and food.”

What I really like about the event is that they make effort to be  a little bit more sustainable than other events that size. During the week there was also a ceremony to give out this years Stockholm Water Prize. The price “honours individuals, institutions or organisations whose work contributes broadly to the conservation and protection of water resources and to improved health of the planet’s inhabitants and ecosystems.” This year’s winner is Professor Steven R. Carpenter, Professor of Zoology and Limnology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research has brought important knowledge on how to preserve our lakes and how they are endangered because of the way we live.

Find more about the challenge of securing our water supplies in this article by the WWF who were present at last year’s edition of the World Water Week.

Beautiful picture by Fabrice ROSE, thanks.

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