What Happened So Far

From time to time it is good to look back and see what has changed since we last looked at a certain topic. So here are some updates on Kosmos 9 stories from the past:

Let us start with some very good news. Greenpeace did it! They have successfully convinced not only Puma and Nike but at last also adidas that it is better to detox. Remember when we talked about how the clothing industry is leaving our planet full of toxic substances?

We have also been talking about fake food and how advertising tells us all kind of lies about the products we should be buying. In that post you can also find Germany’s biggest advertising lie of 2011, chosen by the readers of foodwatch.de. Now also the Dutch community has voted. The winner is (tadaaaa): Blue Band Goede Start! Witbrood. It excells in wanna-be healthiness.

Kosmos 9 has introduced the book Eating Animals some time back. Now we will go one step further and encourage you for your very own coming-out. The German homepage wearevegans.de is a collection of vegan coming-out stories. You are not ready to come out as a vegan just yet? Well, baby steps! Try the quasi-vegetarian, the vegan-before-dinnertime or the meat-free-monday as a start.

And last but not least: In Montreal things are moving for a future with more ecological cities. The Montreal ecocity world summit just came to an end. The topic of the conference was “People. Ecology. Urbanity. Moving Towards Ecocities.” For those of you who read German, here is a nice summary of the event on TAZ.


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