Words on Paper.

When is the last time you have read a book from the first to the last page? I mean reading just for fun, not because you had to.

I am quite old-fashioned I must admit. I do not own an Ipad nor anything similar. I buy books with pages rather than bytes. I am not only old-fashioned but it looks like I – and I’m sure you reader are too – part of a close-to-extinct species: the book readers.

Back in 2007, the Guardian wrote: One in four Americans read no book last year. From an article on Boston.com I can extract: “The number of 17-year-olds who never read for pleasure increased from 9 percent in 1984 to 19 percent in 2004.” The same can be told in Germany, the numbers are similarly decreasing says the Süddeutsche Zeitung and explains that what can be observed is the “Verschwinden des klassischen Gelegenheitslesers” (the dissapearing of the once-in-a-while reader). Same in France: Plus de Français lisent moins de livres. I am sure you could find similar outcomes in other countries.

Do you need inspiration for your next reading adventures? The Time magazine just published the 100 best non-fictional books. You can find everything from memoirs over food writing, non-fiction novels to self-help and sports. What about the American way of Death or ‘And the Band played on” on the history of AIDS? Find the other 98 in the list!

Oh and I know what your critical mind is thinking: Books are bad, dying trees ect. But you know what I will tell you: My books are second-hand, is the energy you use to read online as well? And besides, I tend to get a lot of books as presents, there is no better way to make me happy I think.

I am sure we all remember the good times we have had flipping those pages? Maybe we can give each other some advice. Which book has been life-changing, amazing or just very entertaining for you?

Picture by Abdualla Al Muhairi, thank you!


One thought on “Words on Paper.

  1. Still a treat to spare time to sit down and read, just for the fun of it. As long as we get it, everyone else can stay glued to the TV or mobile device!

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