Dear George

Since you are an UN ambassador, we know you care. Now, the problem is that the coffee you earn your money with is produced in slave-like conditions. Are you ready to change that?

Solidar Swiss has just launched a campaign which is encouraging people to write to George Clooney in order to make a difference within Nestlé. The multinational company does not like this attack and is fighting for the following movie to be forbidden:

The problem is, the short movie is actually quite funny, watch it! The numbers behind it are the following: “the coffee that is purchased at fair trade conditions represents barely 0.02 per cent of the total volume of coffee that Nestlé processes every year.”

Solidar demands through their campain from Nestlé:

1) For Nestle to switch to 100% FairTrade Coffee in the Nespresso brand

2) In the long run to offer FairTrade in all of its product lines

3) For them to stop use PR to make people think they are selling fair products

Those people who know Nespresso or similar (high-on-waste) capsule-coffees know that they cost enough so that the coffee farmers could be payed a fair price for their work. Please send your voice to George and let the Swiss David win against its Goliath.

Picture by kessop, thank you!


5 thoughts on “Dear George

  1. This nice article reminds me of “price scissors phenomenon” , which was learned in my junior high school years, but I did not have deep understanding of it. The phenomenon is hidden and can not be noticed most of the time like the nestle coffee we drink. After wittnessing the high growth international trade of China, where so many international brands place their high polluted, poor worker conditions factories in China and benefits themselves a lot, isn’t it the modern price scissors model for most highly developing third-world country? Maybe it’s the time for us to protest the hidden unequal trade.

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