New Events Coming Up

More outstanding photo journalism, birthdays and a day for intercultural dialogue are on the menu for today’s update on the event section.

Right now in Perpignan, France (not far from Barcelona) the Visa pour L’image festival is taking part. It is an international festival for Photojournalism. Besides exhibitions and screenings you can take part in symposiums and conferences. This might be for the very spontaneous amongst you but we have more interesting events coming up:

Greenpeace is celebrating its 40th birthday on September 15. You can read here about how it all started back in 1971. Born in Vancouver, Canada, the organization started off with protesting against nuclear tests destroying unique ecosystems. Today, Greenpeace is no baby anymore, it has grown to be present in over 45 states. But, “Greenpeace remains an independent citizens’ movement at its core.” Want to give the organization a birthday present? They are still collecting money to finish the new Rainbow Warrior. Want to join the celebration? Check out the event section!

This year’s Intercultural Dialogue Day will take part on September 29 all over Europe and beyond. The event is initiated by the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) and AFS. You are invited to join the celebration with your own Intercultural Dialogue Day Event or watch out in your city, I am sure something will be happening around you.


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