Women for President!

Some people believe that it will be women who will change the world for the better. A good strategy for change is becoming head of state.

In Africa there is only one female president at the moment. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, president of Liberia was the first ever woman to be democratically elected head of state on the continent. This might be about to change, says GlobalVoices. Their belief in change builds upon the growing number of female candidates for upcoming elections. From the article we learn that the women-candidates “are often highly educated, tenacious politicians who first got involved in the public debate as civil rights activists.” Top candidates can be found for example in Benin, Madagascar, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The article brings it to the point when saying: “It is the women who feed the families. They also make sure that the children get an education.” Women presidents are much more likely to push these two important topics: food security (or better: sovreignty) and education, for a better future.

Let us go a little bit into the history of female presidents. According to the Guide to Women Leaders the first ever female head of state was Khertek Anchimaa-Toka in the republic of Tannu Tuva (which was an indipendent state in the South of Sibiria between 1921 and 1944). She was president from 1940 till 1944. The world’s first democratically elected female president was Vigdís Finnbogadóttir in Iceland from 1980 till 1996.

Many agree that especially in Africa, women will make the change we want to see. That is why maybe it is time to give the Nobel Prize for Peace to them who really work for peace, every day.

Picture courtesy by Oxfam international, thank you!


3 thoughts on “Women for President!

  1. Amor, how was that docu we saw about African women making the male politicians of a summit (their husbands) actually “work” called?
    You know, the one in which they protest by the road and wear the same white t-shirts?

    • It’s “Praying the Devil back to Hell”, amazing documentary indeed. It is in Liberia too like Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Thanks for the tip ❤

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