Moving Movies

Watch out for these movies which will be in theaters very soon. They sound promising: African immigrants arriving in Italy vs. an Italy without immigrants.

Mainland (Terraferma): Italian Writer-Director Emanuele Crialese tells the personal story of Italians encountering African immigrants on a small Italian island. “The film contrasts Italy’s traditional humanist values to inhuman new laws aimed at stemming illegal immigration and insists it’s morally imperative to rebel against them.” says a review from the Venice Film Festival. More about the movie you can find on

Cose dell’altro mondo: Let us imagine for a second how the world would be without any immigrants. I am not sure what you have in mind but the Italian producer Franceso Patierno imagined it as rather chaotic. That is the story which he tells in an ironic tone in his new movie: what happens if illegal immigrants are suddenly fed up with the bad treatment they get and dissapear? More you can find here (in Italian / in German).

Life Above All: Quite another scenery offers our third movie. Life Above All tells the story of remarkable young girl from South Africa, struggeling in a world affected by death, insecurity and AIDS to keep her family together and not lose faith. The New York Times write: “It tells a tale of resilience without platitudes about the triumph of the human spirit or without false promises about an unclouded future.”

These three movies seem to be a nice addition to our Movies that Matter list.


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