How to Live Green Without Freaking Out

I realize again and again how many people around me would like to live more environmentally conscious and responsible towards their surroundings.

That is why I put together the Kosmos 9 “Guide to Change” or in other words: Ten easy steps to succeed in moving towards how you would like to live your life.

1) Find Allies: It is hard to change your life on your own. Try to convince your partner or a friend to work it out together. The more the merrier of course. Sharing and exchanging is an amazing way of keeping the motivation up. You could have meetings or movie nights and exchange good ideas, which leads us to…

2) Get Inspired: There are so many amazing documentaries, blogs and books out there which can help you understand why it is important to care and change your life accordingly. Of course you can always keep posted on Kosmos 9, we will do our best to keep you inspired.

3) Question Everything: It is generally very helpful to be critical towards opinions and pratices. Questioning things helps avoiding the “I do it because I always did”- or “I do it because everyone does”-trap. They are just excuses not reasons. Questions like: “Why do I bring home five plastic bags every time I go to buy groceries?” or “Why do I turn up the heating while walking around in a t-shirt?” are crucial in order to see the many possibilities for change there are within your area of influence.

4) Start Little by Little: Rome was not built in a day. You can adapt your lifestyle to your beliefs one step at a time. Start for example with analyzing your diet or transport habits: Try to reduce meat and dairy consumption (why?) and use your feet (to walk or pedal) whenever you can.

5) Make a Plan: Write down your goals and how you want to achieve them (for example: recycle all my waste by bringing bottles to the collection point on my way to work, reduce my driving by taking the bike to go the city…)

6) Reduce: The best way of avoiding negative influence on the environment is by reducing your consumption. In other words: just don’t buy anything. Believe me, it is possible. Check out the blog Zero Waste Home explaining how you can achieve this. For whatever is left to take care of: Recylce and avoid your waste from destroying our nature.

7) Buy better: Of course you cannot fully avoid buying things. But whenever you need to buy something, find the most sustainable way of doing so: There are nowadays so many natural alternatives to beauty products (make-up, shampoo ect) or go to thrift stores for clothes and stuff you need in the house. Your choices have a big impact especially as far as food is concerned. There are four simple rulles for buying food: Buy local, buy seasonal, buy organic & buy fair. Also try to reduce packaging as much as you can.

8 ) Share your experiences: This links back to number one. It helps to talk about successes and obstacles on your way towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Only by talking about it you can help others to avoid your mistakes and to copy your achievements.

9) Don’t be too hard on yourself: It does not help anyone – nor the environment – if you feel bad everytime you feel like eating chocolate which happens to be nor organic nor fairtrade. Make exceptions, they will help you stick to the rule, as weird as that sounds. You can do this in a controlled way: One a week or during the holidays ect. You make the rules!

10) Remember why: Do not forget why you have decided to make those changes in your life. Stick around your change-allies, keep discovering more reasons to live green and experience actively how good it feels.

Do you have any other tips for green newcomers?

Picture courtesy by SomeDriftwood, gracias!


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