What is Your Reality?

Do you believe in Climate Change? Do you know what Climate Change means in Ilulissat, in Tonga or Husavik? If not, it is time to find out!

24 Presenters, 24 Time Zones, 13 Languages, 1 Message is how the initiators of Climate Reality introduce their event. They further ask: “What can change in a day?” and answer simply: “EVERYTHING”. And that day will be September 14. With that simple introduction they had already gained my full attention. What they want to achieve is showing the full picture on what Climate Change actually means. Here is the trailer for the event:

The idea behind Climate Reality is to experience another place on our earth real time: “Pick a faraway place or a city near you. Make it yours for one day.” Basically, 24 of Reality is a multimedia show created by Al Gore which will move around the globe for 24 hours one time-zone at a time. It is a “round-the-clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time.”

I picked Cap Verde for a try. On September 14 José Ramon will presenting live from the islands: “When you only get a few days of rain a year, like some of the islands in Cape Verde, any change in climate is a big deal.” Cap Verde will go online at 7 pm local time and the speech will be held in Portuguese.

You can pick many more place on earth and see what Climate Change means for them, visit http://climaterealityproject.org to find a place you could visit on September 14. And if your answer to the introductory question was “no”, well just watch and see if you still think the same after the 24 hours of Reality.


2 thoughts on “What is Your Reality?

  1. I am also definitely a believer. One can no longer logically deny that climates are changing; there is simply too much evidence.
    Many years ago when people discovered polar ice melting they described the issue as “global warming.” The environmental movement suffered when it was later discovered that some parts of the world were instead cooling. More recently computer modeling has allowed complex analyses of the planet which show many scenarios, ones in which some areas will warm as others cool, some will get wetter as others get drier, etc. To some degree, the impact of humans on the world varies by location, so we should also expect the impact of climate change on the world to vary by location. We ignore these realities at our own peril.

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