Cinema, Migrants and Integration

It is hard to keep up with all the amazing festivals happening in Buenos Aires. Next up: Cinemigrante – Festival International de Cine. It is right now and it is for free!

Cinemigrante is however much more than a film festival, it covers different levels of education and art on Human Rights and Migration topics. Its main objective is to “promover el diálogo intercultural y la integración de las culturas de los diferentes espacios, regiones y territorios de Argentina, Latinoamérica y el mundo”, (promote the intercultural dialogue and the integration of cultures of different places, regions and territories of Argentina, Latin America and the world).

Really interesting sounds the list of conferences and workshops. There are for example different “Taller para organizaciones de migrantes, colectivos de incidencia, acerca de la Ley de migraciones“, which means that they offer workshops which help migrants to organize themselves in groups and work on topics of migration laws. Other workshops are on human trafficking and sexual exploitation, whereas the conferences cover topics in the field of local politics towards migrants.

The movie selection does sound promising as well. You can find the day to day programme here. Only today, on September 15, there will be 21 movies on show which come from 18 different countries: impressive!

Globalización, Trabajo, Vivienda, Salud, Educación, Género, Niñez – the festival takes place from September 14 until September 21.

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