New update on Kosmos 9 topics: George Clooney drowned in letters from concerned Nespresso drinkers and rushhour in Jakarta.

News also on the fight for fair Nespresso coffee. According to Solidar, George Clooney has already received over 30,000 emails, urging him to use his position to change policies within Nestlé. The multinational company therefore had to answer to the request from the civil society. Solidar writes: “In its response to our campaign, Nespresso refers us to its “Nespresso AAA+ Sustainable Quality Program”. We feel that this proprietary label is insufficient. Our criticism of the AAA program can be found here.” I hope therefore that this is not yet the end of this story.

Remember when we talked about cycling in the city? Check out this beautiful article about cycling in Jakarta: the only way to get through traffic. Go bikes go!

There are news on the female head of state front: Denmark has just elected the first female president in the national history. What is actually interesting about Helle Thorning-Schmidt is that her party’s success is ending a long period of center-right wing governance in Denmark. That period has made the Scandinavian country famous for its tough immigration policies. The question has even been raises repeatidly if these policies are against human rights.

Speaking of human rights: I can also offer you a different take on the story of the modern slavery: The documentary “The new American sweatshop” speaks about an area of modern slavery which is not often talked about: carwashing. The workers “face rampant health and safety hazards. They are denied time to rest or eat, and are refused such basic necessities as clean drinking water or shade.”

Amazing pic by learydotmark, merci!


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