Day 3: Transport

Today: “change your mode of transportation to have the least impact possible”. In other words: move your feet! 

Following the idea of “Burn calories, not fossil fuels” today is all about alternatives to cars, trains, buses and whatever loud things we usually use to get from A to B. And maybe, just maybe, also about realizing that sometimes there is no need to go to B.

No way you can get there by walking, cycling, skating or whatever? Opt for public transport but keep it as green as possible. Try avoid using planes whenever possible. You really have to get there? offers you a solution. The idea is: “avoid – reduce – and do the best and offset the rest”. Now, what does offsetting your climate impact mean? Basically, the NGO offers to reduce the CO2 emissions you have caused with your flight (drive ect…) elsewhere. “The focus for these projects lies on developing countries, but even in places like Europe or New Zealand, fossil energy sources that are harmful to the climate are being replaced by renewable energy and the implementation of energy-efficient technologies.”

Kosmos 9, as we all know, is a big fan of biking in the city. That is why I have signed up for the Moving planet day for this Saturday, 24 September. It means putting today’s topic into action and to share the beauty of reducing emissions. Moving Planet means: “put our demands for climate action into motion—marching, biking, skating—calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels.” The organizers say, “168 countries and counting signed up for Moving Planet on the 24th! When we say “be a part of something big” it is something big! Find an event nearby here. It is not just about biking. Depending on where you are located there will be yoga festivals, climate couching, tree plantations, solar festivals and much much more!

Not using public transport will be a challenge for the rest of the week. I believe it is all a question of good planning. You might nevertheless be surprised to arrive earlier when just relying on your own feet. Besides, it has many amazing side-effects: forget about the gym! And if you need a little reward after a long day of fossil fuel free transport, there is always the number one package-free food: ice cream (just bring your own spoon)!


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