Day 5: Energy

Have a look around. How many things besides your computer are sucking energy out of the supply right now? By living without them you realize how many of them you actually have.

Today’s challenge is about exactly that: turning off anything which uses energy – including your computer, your lights and your cell phone. Ready?

Using less energy is simple. Check out these ten ways to get a first idea. As we have seen yesterday, the amount of energy and carbon which you are using is highly linked to your food habits.

Energy obviously must not be equal to Fossil Fuels, there are many alternative energy sources. Everyone is talking about wind and solar energy. You must not change to green energy supply (even if that is a great idea) in order to use them: they can help drying your clothes or cooling your beer!

Yes, today definitely was the hardest challenge so far. As a student and blogger I could not fully resign from using my computer, but have cut it down to one hour a day which I am using as productively as possible. I find that much harder than my new life without cooked food, hot water or my Ipod. It is hard however how things are summing up and keeping you from basically all your habits. It does have its positive sides: more time to read good books, to spend with other people and to do creative things – at least as long there is daylight.

I am going to leave you with a final question from the No Impact Man himself: if it came to it, would you choose energy or drinking water? (nicely connecting today’s challenge with tomorrow’s).

Picture by Jeremy Jenum, thanks!


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