Day 6: Water

The No Impact week is getting close to the end. It is time to save our most precious resource: water and to share our good spirit.

Do you still remember how much water you are wasting every day? Maybe it is time to re-take the test and check your water-footprint. The idea behind the test shows nicely how all the topics of the No Impact Week are interconnected: consumption, waste, transport and food are not only all directly causing a lot of energy consumption but are also high on water waste.

A small step to have a huge (positive!) impact on our water resources is by renouncing to the use of bottled water. Even if you must consider: if you really cannot bring your tap water from home, order plain water, it is much lower on energy and water use to produce it. But think about it, isn’t really easy to just bring your own bottle from home? You will also save yourself a lot of money.

Another good idea is to use water effectively: fill up the washing machine and dishwasher. There are so many more ways of saving water, some of them are even fun!

Tomorrow the idea is to share your good ideas. One good way is to participate in the Moving Planet Day but you could also share some nice environmentally friendly food with friends and family or find a new way of volunteering in your community. You will be surprised how many possibilities there are to volunteer and how good it makes you feel.

Sunday will be the last day of the No Impact Week and the idea is to turn it into the first of many eco-friendly Sundays in which you do No Impact and feel good about it. In my view it is also about going out there and enjoying nature, go for a walk and have a cup of tea with nice people and nice chats… that way you will not even get the idea to turn on your TV or computer.

Kosmos 9 will be back on Monday to wrap-up the experience!


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