From No Impact to Low Impact.

So this is it for the No Impact Week. I walk up to 10 km a day, drank no hot drinks and hardly any hot food, ate local, had short showers and of course did not buy anything.

You might be thinking “so what?” and pointing out that our No Impact really had no impact on the world (more on that topic coming soon!). But it did. For us who participated it has changed a lot. I will keep on doing a lof the distances by foot, simply because I realized its faster. I will keep on buying local and keep the level of waste down.

Besides, how many people have we touched with our actions last week? Reading on our blogs and seeing us “act different” making them wonder why. I happily explained the week to many people this week, most of which showed a lot of interest. That is a lot of impact. They might stop grabbing plastic bags all the time or eat more local and people around them will again see it and wonder why, it is a pass it on game.

You might be asking yourself, are we trying to stop the world from turning? The answer is no. Personally, I still believe that there im something positive in progress. But there are different levels to innovation. In a recent blog-post, the No Impact Man himself, Colin Beaven sums this up quite nicely: “Do products and services–innovative or not–attempt to bring people towards that True Direction or do they tempt them away from it by amplifying fear or anger or ignorance?”

So what comes next? It is time to move from No Impact to Low Impact. Because what I realized this week: the initiatives for a more environmental conscious life should come naturally out of your lifestyle, that is when they will become normal. Do not force yourself, take it bit by bit. I will take the subway again this week and I will cook. But bits and pieces of No Impact will keep on making space in my life and that space is growing, constantly.

And now: some impressions from Moving Planet Buenos Aires, a great event!

Photos by I like, thank you.


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