An Ear for an Ear

To kill or not to kill is actually a question. Unfortunately it is not asked often enough. Did you know the Death Penalty still exists?

Have you seen the movie The life of David Gale? It is about a professor who is executed even if he is innocent. Now look at the numbers on the left, doesn’t that leav you with a bad feeling in your stomach?

Where exactly are these executions taking place? From Care2 we learn that “China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen and the United States carry out the most executions”. In the US there are at the same time also strong critiques towards capital punishment. Have a look at the 10 reasons to abolish Death Penalty by the Death Penalty Focus:

  • There are cases of innocent people killed
  • It costs a lot
  • Death penalty can “prolongue the suffering of the family members of the victim”
  • It has been abandoned my a majority of 139 countries worldwide
  • Many inmates do not get good legal representation
  • There is no scientific proof that Death Penalty keeps people from committing crimes
  • The sentence often depends on legal circumstances (“Politics, quality of legal counsel and the jurisdiction where a crime is committed”)
  • “Although isolated passages of religious scripture have been quoted in support of the death penalty, almost all religious groups in the United States regard executions as immoral.”
  • There are strong racial disparities
  • There are alternatives
Since executing people is a very costly thing to do, they are now trying to cut costs in the state of Texas: by not giving people on the death row their last meal.
If you would like to find out in which countries the Death Penality is still a reality, have a look at this overview by Amnesty International of the executions carried out in 2010.

2 thoughts on “An Ear for an Ear

  1. Executions are not intended to reform criminals; executions are simply an institutional form of revenge and a place to direct (or misdirect) anger. As Gandhi said, “‘an eye for an eye’ makes the whole world blind.”

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