Homophobia is (not yet) So Yesterday.

Homophobia is a reality so many LGBTQI people are facing every day in the world. It is a vicious and dangerous cycle of supression and fear.

“Gay and lesbian teens are 3 times more likely to report a history of suicidality and more than twice as likely to report symptoms of depression than their heterosexual counterparts.” says Medscape News. Similar numbers can be found for older homosexuals and the statistics can be enlarged to substance-abuse, violence and isolation. So who ever thinks that Homophobia is a thing of the past, think again!

Science is not doubting that there is no factor of choice in homosexuality. The only choice one has is to accept it or not; to live a open and hopefully happy life or to fight and oppress ones feelings. Which can lead to severe consequences like depression, attempts of suicide ect.

Homophobia is often subtle nowadays. That does not change that it gets to you, no matter how happy and proud you are. The ALSO foundation brings it to the point when saying: “Even innocent comments can be so damning especially if those making the comment think they are open minded and not in the least homophobic.” They can bring people back to what is often referred to as “the closet”, the scary place where homosexuals doubt their identity and their space in society.

Unfortunately, there are still many organizations trying to spread lies and false research on the topic. Homophobia is often sponsered by religion and it there is no religion which has not been used to condemn same-sex attraction. The documentary “For the Bible tells me so” explains the role and position of the Christian church towards homosexualty, showing that there are many different views on the topic.

In the end it is up to all of us, if we want homophobia to dissapear. We must openly condemn it and not let it get to us. A good example is the Trevor Project. It is trying to prevent suicides of queer teens. Connected with it,  thousands of people in the US and abroad have over the last year filmed a short message for young people stating that “it gets better” once they are out of the bullying age. President Obama has made one and so have the employees of Google and many celebrities. Good stuff!

And I guess it is true in general: It does get better… but we should strive for it to be good already.

Illustration by the|G|™, ta!


One thought on “Homophobia is (not yet) So Yesterday.

  1. In my opinion, it’s the society making the homosexuality issue complicated,not the issue themselve. People have the right to chose who they love. if not, the society seems to be too cruel. Love is not related with the gender. Sometime people will find that the people they love is a group of individuals with the similar characters no matter he or she. Some people are afraid of confessing their inner feeling since they are constrained by social rules and are implanted with the heterosexuality idea at the early age. Love is the purest and the nicest thing in the world. Don’t let our complicated society corrupt it!! ^_^

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