Vegetarian Butcher

The Hague’s Vegetarian Butcher just won the Triodos Hart-Hoofd Prize. Reason enough to have a look at the unique shop and the idea behind it.

De Vegetarische Slager is what the name says, a butcher without meat. How do we have to imagine it? Their idea is to dedicate a store to meat substitutes the way they are usually dedicated to meat. Visit the homepage of the shop and see how it is hard to tell the difference from the “real” meat.

But the outstanding achievements of the vegetarian butcher does not lie only in the fact that they offer real alternatives for meat-lovers. They also offer real alternatives for vegetarians and vegans. Often meat-replacements are made out of soy. A product which is highly problematic. “Soy isn’t some miracle food that somehow helps out the planet while we eat it.” says the Nutritional Wonderland and tells the story of how exchanging meat for soy is not such a good idea. So, let’s come back to the Vegetarian butcher. His “meat” is mainly made out of Lupin beans. Those beans are produced locally in the Netherlands and have a much lower impact on the environment.

The Hart-Hoofd Prize by the alternative bank Triodos (Think Bank) is given away to of the projects the bank is helping to finance. “De prijs is bedoeld voor de meest vernieuwende en inspirerende duurzame ondernemer, gefinancierd door Triodos Bank. Ondernemers die, net als wij, ondernemen met hun hart èn met hun hoofd.” (The prize goes to the most innovative and inspiring sustainable business, financed by Triodos Bank. Entrepreneurs who, like us, work with their hearts and their heads.)

Would you try vegetarian meat or do you think that vegetarians do not actually need any meat?



One thought on “Vegetarian Butcher

  1. The Hague’s Vegetarian Butcher is definitely the best choice for people who are in transition period. And it will help people who enjoy eating meat experience the different happiness becoming a vegetarian.Maybe it will lead them to transition period.
    It reminds me of my friend experience in some very famous high-quality vegetarian restaurant in Beijing. Like u described about the western style vegetarian food, the Chinese dishes that the cook made almost had the same appearance and even the flavor as the same meat dish. Yummy, Yummy. (December will come soon). A big hug for these amazing creative vegetarian cook!

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