Global Education Matters

The next generation should be the one to make it better. That is why we should do our best to invest our time in educating them on how to be responsible world citizens.

Education about global matters shows this research which tells us that “amongst those who learnt about climate change either in school or after school, the proportion of people who feel powerless is reduced by half”. Similarly, and more importantly, the amount of pupils who are willing to have a positive impact on their community increases from 9% to 35% when in contact with Global Education issues at school.

This research has been carried out by the Think Global Development Education Association. They are trying to “help people in the UK learn about global issues such as poverty and climate change and find out how they can play a part in creating a more just and sustainable world.”

Children and young people are eager to learn about the impact their lives have on the world and are amazed to see how things are interconnected. Another nice project which uses this curiosity is the Project Green Challenge. It “seeks to engage high school and college students across the country and inspire them to transition “from conventional to conscious,” via a 30-day green lifestyle Challenge”. The project outline is similar to what we have seen in the No Impact Week but this goes on for a whole month.

Do you think our schools offer enough preparation for the globalized world we live in?


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