Bag it

News from the plastic bag front. There is a new documentary out there asking “is your life too plastic?”

This movie got it all. It tells us more about the plastic bags we are trying to avoid and the politics behind it. It also goes into the recycling topic. Finally, you will get more on how plastic is destroying our oceans and how it is bad for health.

Speaking of plastic. Have you ever asked yourself: Paper or Plastic? “Do we clear-cut forests, process pulp, and bleach it with chlorine to make paper bags? Or do we make a pact with demon hydrocarbon, refining ancient sunlight into handy plastics?”. The book by Dan Imhoff tries to answer these questions and shows the way we need to move to reduce all the packaging waste we are producing right now.

Bag it has a blog too by the way. There you can find all the newest information on the topic.


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