A Generation of Changemakers

Dear Swiss people (and those closeby): do not miss this event. Euforia – a generation of changemakers – is organizing this year’s imp!act.

Imagine five days fully packed with action and information all around the idea of making a change. Euforia is following the idea that “you’re never too young to make a difference.”

On the programme are topics like human trafficking, fairtrade or climate change. At the same time you will get an insight into the area of social entrepreneurship and organizations which are active in the social, environmental and humanitarian field. Imp!act is the “European youth summit, that aims at showing to our society that our generation is active and engages for a more balanced world.”

In Short:
When: October 26 – 30th
Where: University of Geneva
Who: 250 participants from all over Europe, aged 18-28
Organizers: euphoric people!
There are only a few spaces left, so be fast and apply. It is an amazing opportunity to connect with creative and enthusiastic people and come up with some crazy, amazing and innovative ideas.
I agree fully with Euforia when they are saying that “there are 1001 ways to make a difference: organizing some cultural events raising public awareness, consuming more responsibly, voting for a minority but enterprising party, filming the field work of NGOs, writing an engaged song, doing one’s thesis on sustainable development, riding a scooter…It’s up to you to choose what trace you want to leave behind!”.

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