Wanted: The Perfect Eco-Dinner

Today is World Food Day AND Blog Action Day. Two very good reasons two make today’s blog all about your ideas!

Since people always need some motivation I will turn this into a competition. Kosmos 9 is looking out for the most sustainable dinner idea. So please post below all your ideas, recipes and whatever else comes to your mind. The idea?

We will organize a sustainable dinner party and find out who brings the best eco-food. I will try to organize the dinner here in Buenos Aires. Maybe somebody else wants to host another one?

I will give you some ideas before letting you head of into your own creativity:

I can’t wait to read your ideas; as soon as we have a couple together we can look out for the date of the dinner.

Blog Action Day is an initiative. The idea is to “unite the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion around an important issue that impacts us all.” Past issues were water, climate change and poverty.

Food is a good choice of a topic, not only because it is something crucial which connects all human beings, but also because it a field were many issues like energy, climate and poverty come together. Even though the UN is focusing on the idea of stabilizing food prices on this year’s edition of the World Food Day, the opposite is more likely to happen. Predictions agree that the prices for food will continue to rise and fluctuate in the upcoming years. This is why Kosmos 9 has decided to focus today on the small changes each and everyone can make in order to move towards a more equal and sustainable food pattern.

You have two weeks time to send in your ideas! Be creative and start looking forward to our perfect eco-dinner party!

Picture by kevin dooley, thanks a lot.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: The Perfect Eco-Dinner

  1. I like your idea “pick your own food.” This ensures that your food is fresh, local, and seasonal, and if you pick from the right place it will also be organic.
    October 19 in south/central Arizona desert is harvest time for arugula, basil, many types of beans, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, jicama, melons, mint, okra, onion, oregano, peppers, pumpkin, squash, sunflowers, sweet potatoes, tomatillo, and watermelon. This is a great time of year; many dishes can be made from these things. From corn we make corn flour and tortillas, from sunflowers we make oil, from sweet potatoes we make sugar, and these things can be stored the rest of the year to make so many recipes possible!

    • Amazing… in my head I am right now combining the ingredients you mention for delicious recipes! Next week I will have a little get together with some friends and we will all bring our eco-friendly dishes, I will definitely post about it later.

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