We are All Friends of the Earth

Three big environmental organizations, three anniversaries in one year. It is time to have a closer look at Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of the Earth.

If you look at this amazing interactive timeline you will realize how these three organizations have had a huge impact on both our policy and public opinion.

What were the three organizations first actions, I was wondering. WWF first worked on protecting Rhinos in the Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia. With success. “In 1967, an estimated 21-28 Javan rhinos lived in Ujung Kulon, but anti-poaching patrols and habitat protection allowed the population to grow to 45-54 animals by 1976.” This number of animals has since then been stabilized. It is likely that is “the only viable population of Javan rhinos in the world. The only other home for this once widespread species is in Vietnam, where less than 8 individuals still survive.” Good job!

Greenpeace started off with protesting against nuclear testings in Amchitka, Alaska with the simple idea “Why not sail a boat up there and confront the bomb?” In order to get money for this trip, they organized a concert “The concert was a sell-out, the biggest counter-culture event of the year”. The rest is history: the voyage created a huge interest amongst the media and managed to influence public opinion. “The nuclear bomb the group had come to stop went off, but the tests planned for after that were cancelled.” It was not planned to become a lasting movement, but today Greenpeace has about 2.9 million members.

Friends of the Earth started off its visible actions with protesting against non-reusable bottles by “Dumping 1,500 non-returnable bottles outside Schweppes headquarters to make a statement about re-using precious resources.” Friends of the Earth¬†has a large network of different environmental organizations.That, which I feel is an important point, is the direction towards we should be heading: working together instead of competing for money. In the end these three organizations want the same things and have been around for the same amount of thime: let’s celebrate – and fight for our environment – together.


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