Slow Down Everyone

Today I would like to make a call for deceleration and the rediscovery of the slow. Let us reconquer our time.

The Slow Movement is officially declaring war on “time poverty“. They believe that we need to slow down if we want to be able to make connections again and give our life meaning. The Movement has many different faces:

The most famous Slow Movement is probably the Slow Food Movement. It started as a constrast and opposition to fast food. The Movement writes about themselves: “Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.” They want to saveguard local food traditions and sensitize people for what is behind the things they eat – like where it comes from and what it takes to produce it. Simply, “slow Food stands at the crossroads of ecology and gastronomy, ethics and pleasure.”

Similarly, there is the notion of Slow Media. Like our food habits, the way we consume media has changed radically over the last decades. We use fast media while eating fast food. We opt for foreign entertainment and forget about local culture. Slow Media is opposing these changes. “Slow Media are not about fast consumption but about choosing the ingredients mindfully and preparing them in a concentrated manner.” What does that mean in pratice? In their manifesto the movement promote monotasking, sustainability, quality and discurse. Things which tend to be lost within the ever-growing number of flows of information surrounding us.

There is also Slow Travel which is usually associated with low carbon traveling and other ways of making your holidays more sustainable. Find some inspiring ideas and stories on Slow Traveling at

Slow Money is another wonderful idea and grassroot organization which questions the way we connect with money. They explain: “money is too fast, companies that are too big, finance that is too complex.” They therefore propose changes like investing locally and moving away from profit-based organizations.

Besides, there is Slow Parenting, Slow Art, Slow Science etc etc… In which areas would you think we need to slow down?

Picture by Doug88888, merci!


2 thoughts on “Slow Down Everyone

  1. “Slow down our pace” is the hot slogan that Chinese elites call for in China now when facing the moral lost problem due to the money-oriented market economy. Today I realized that that slogan can also apply to everyone in the world, as you mentioned, maybe with different contents. It also reminds me of one popular Chinese song called ” snails”. The lyrics inspires me a lot especially when I feel frustrated. Now it’s time to share some lyrics
    “I want to one step at a time proceed climbing upwards
    Waiting for sunshine, I quietly looked at its face
    The small sky
    Has big dreams
    I have a sky that belongs to me
    Let wind blow dry
    The tears and the sweat that has dropped
    There has to be a day when I have a sky that belongs to me”
    Let’s slow down our pace and find the sky that belongs to us.

  2. Nice song 🙂 I think slowing down in economy is probably a good idea for every country. Maybe it is hard to get the capitalist spirit out of our minds but it is worth a try. And then as you mention, there is a much more personal part in which we lose grasp of our lives in the fast-paced world, it’s good to take a time out but it’s even better to slow down.

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