The New Warrior

Greenpeace just inaugurated its very new Rainbow Warrior III. The world’s most famous ship – after the Titanic – is back and ready to protest.

The Rainbow Warrior III is “the world’s first crowd-funded, purpose-built, hyper-efficient activist sailing vessel.” Over a year Greenpeace has been collecting money to build the new flag ship. You can see how the ship looks from the inside in order to do what Greenpeace does best: protesting, communicating and changing.

The first Rainbow Warrior came into action in 1978 against whale hunters from Iceland. Later it has blocked many companies from deposing toxic waste into the ocean. The story ends in 1985 when it is sunk by the French Foreign Intelligence; a Greenpeace photographer dies in the attack. The people from Greenpeace were protesting against nuclear testings in Moruroa.

Did you know that Greenpeace has two other ships in action? The Arctic Sunrise “has worked everywhere from within 450 miles of the North Pole, to Antarctica’s Ross Sea, and has navigated both the Congo and the Amazon.” The second one, the Esperanza, was “launched in February 2002, it is the latest and largest vessel in the Greenpeace fleet”. Besides, Greenpeace has its famous inflatables and a balloon in action.

Let us see what success stories and adventures the new Rainbow Warrior will have to tell. You can follow the maiden voyage in several episodes to find out more about the new ship.

Happy Sails!


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