Please Don’t Buy our Products if You Don’t Need Them

Usually brands are bad. But there is one out there others could learn a lot from. A lesson on sustainable business.

Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia‘s mission is to “build the best and cause no unnecessary harm”.

With the footprint chronicles they have introduced an outstanding level of transparency of their products. It allows you to “track the impact of a specific product from design through delivery”. Try it out here. It takes into account energy consumption, distance traveled and CO2 emissions, as well as waste generated and water consumed. You also get information on the factory were the product was produced. That is when you can start shopping with a conscience.

Patagonia cares about what is done in their name. They care for fair working conditions – because the customers do. They ask themselves questions about sustainability. Because they realize that climate is important. And finally, they understand that quality is linked to social and environmental responsibility.

For once a 1% figure is positive: it is the percentage of the company’s sales which go “to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.” Check out the 1% for the Planet Initiative. It is one of many good causes Patagonia is supporting. Others are saving local fish from extinction, promoting organic cotton and building own renewable power-plants.

The latest – and by far the most outstanding – initiative supported by the company is the Common Thread Initiative. It is Patagonia’s way of pleading the 5 Rs: Reduce (Don’t buy what you don’t need), Repair (Patagonia helps fix what’s broken), Reuse (Pass on what you don’t need anymore, someone else will), Recycle (Patagonia takes gear back that is worn out), and Reimagine (“Together we reimagine a world where we take only what the planet can replace”). Pledge now to join in for this noble deal. Learn more about it in the following video:

I am not sure about you, but I am highly impressed by this company. Even if all of this would only be for marketing, it would be the best marketing I have ever seen. But somehow I trust there is more to it. It is high time that corporations not only harm and destroy the environment, but also play their part in finding solutions on how to save it.

Do you know any other companies which are acting in such a exemplary way? Is there anything you are missing from the company in order to support it?


6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Buy our Products if You Don’t Need Them

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  2. Every so often amidst the ever-growing existence of corporate America there are the rare standouts that remind us there are sensible and thoughtful ways to be sustainable that are still profitable. It’s great to see successful companies like this with such solid goals. Let’s hope such education continues to spread.

    • Yes! I totally agree. It is also nice to point out good examples from time to time instead of just pointing our fingers at all the bad stuff happening. This is the way to go.

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