War of the Sexes – II

After assessing women’s impact due to menstrual products, it is time to have a look at another big issue: shaving.

It can be disputed who spends more time shaving, men or women. To keep the balance to the last post, I will concentrate on men here.

In the world of shaving there is a lot of room for greening. We can spot the problems quite quickly:

– Disposable razor blades create a lot of waste

In the US only2 billion disposable razors are purchased annually”. A simple way of improving is found quickly: if you must use disposable razor blades, use them as many times as possible. Better would be moving from disposable to solid ones with replaceable heads.

– Electric razors consume energy

Besides, they are also known to be short living (planned obsolescence!). There is neverthless an eco-friendly alternative which does not waste energy nor has to be replaced all the time: Straight Razors.

– Shaving creams and gels have bad impact on the environment

Most traditional shaving products are full of chemicals that most people would think twice about dumping down the drain, let alone rubbing into their skin.” So look out for natural shaving soap – it’s a good alternative. If you want to use tallow soap opt for “soaps where the tallow was produced without harming animals, such as the wool fat extracted from sheep wool shearing.”

– Shaving brushes are made out of animal hair

Most shaving “brushes are made from the hair of badgers that have been killed as vermin, mainly in China.” If you must use a shaving brush, you can opt for a synthetic/vegan alternative (an example).

Did I forget anything crucial? Help me out.

You find all of this complicated? Actually it is much simpler. Dear men: the greenest way is to just let your beard grow.

Picture courtesy by svenreed, thank you!


6 thoughts on “War of the Sexes – II

  1. Excellent post! This issue also bothers me; I wrote about it too: http://knowthankyou.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/fining-the-feral-caveman/

    I use a metal razor with metal blades, no plastic. For shave foam I use water and soap, or even hair conditioner. No brush is necessary.

    You are right, we shave only for vanity (men and women); it is greenest to let our hair grow. I wore a beard for a while, then cut it off one day on a whim. A women I worked with was surprised when she saw me and said “wow, you’re handsome!” I knew then that the beard had been doing me no good at all. 🙂

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