Comida Viva

Health is much more than just the absence of symptoms. It means having access to energy and happiness to live a fulfilled life.

That is one of the key ideas of the living foods movement. Since I started a formation in this way of life, I will share my experience with you on Kosmos 9 in the following weeks.

One of the founding figures of the Living Food Movement is Dr. Ann Wigmore who believes that our body is able to heal itself if we learn to listen to it and give it food which holds the highest possible amount of nutrients.

At the basis of this approach lies the idea that cooking food is not a healthy way of preparing it. That is why Living Food means Raw Food. This means that Living Food is more than just following a vegan or a vegetarian diet. It means an UNPROCESSED, UNHEATED, UNCOOKED and ORGANIC plant based diet.

I will give you some examples to make it clearer:

– No warm meals.

– No coffee or any other store based drink.

– No pasta, bread or other things containing flour.

– No chocolate bars, no candies, etc.

Why would you do that? (answers by

  1. “Health: Persons embracing this type of diet invariably experience improvements in their general physical and mental status, including more energy, better health, more energy <smile>, weight loss, detoxification, more energy, and a sturdier immune system that better resists and recovers from just about any kind of disease… and the list goes on…
  2. Energy efficiency: Since you no longer have to cook, you don’t waste electricity. Besides you eat organic agriculture. Two ways to help to save the planet and protect the environment.
  3. You become more in-tune with your body; many report definite spiritual improvements.
  4. No animal products are used, so the animals appreciate it.”

My class is taught by Laura Vannelli and held at the Raw Club Buenos Aires. Step one in the first class was to realize that we have to detox our body in order to better understand it. Besides, we realized that many things we eat can be replaced by plant-based, raw and home-made products. A nice example are nut milks: find out how to make it in this nice video. Finally, we were told that nobody has to change to Living Foods right away. You can start by eating fruit and vegetables for breakfast, eating salads and avoiding any type of animal products. The last lesson is the most important: raw food is yummie! Check out some recipes clicking on the picture above.

Living and Raw Foods is a great source if you’d like to find out more.


7 thoughts on “Comida Viva

  1. Excellent! My wife and I are vegan; the majority of our food is whole, unprocessed, and often raw. We have a dehydrator, food processor, and VitaMix blender which all help to make foods containing tastes and textures that we are familiar with. We have enjoyed many raw food recipes; our favorites have come from the cookbooks of Ani Phyo ( ).

    • Hi Rob. I’m so excited about all this. It is amazing if you can share this relationship of food with your partner. I am lucky myself since my girlfriend was actually the one initiating me and teaching me a lot of things. Now, I’m already looking forward to my next class and I’ll check out the cookbook you mention 🙂

    • I agree Rob! All of Ani Phyo´s raw recipes are awesome. Oh, boy, her apple pie is SUBLIME. Last time I made it = 15 minutes on the counter and gone.

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