Let’s Give a Damn

Today, the Argentinian LGBTQI community is celebrating. Life can be sometimes hard for them. Do you give a damn?

Walking around the Marcha del Orgullo – Gay Pride Parade – in Buenos Aires today I realized: all these people are living their problems behind, just for one day. Problems which do exist. More in the gay and lesbian community than elsewhere. More in Latin America than elsewhere. There are many areas: more hate crimes and youth suicides, difficulties with family acceptance and faith. More homelessness, job place discrimination and health problems. Topics like immigration, marriage and parenting are more compliacted for lgbtqi’s than others as well.

You can find out about the whole spectrum of issues the lgbtqi community is struggling with on the homepage of the Give a Damn initiative. They want you to learn about why you should give a damn. The initiative is supported by Cyndi Lauper, Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Mraz and many more and it collects personal stories for people to understand better what it means to be different. Watch this story about immigration to get an idea:

I’m happy I could see the people today forgetting about their problems in the middle of Buenos Aires. I hope their voices will be heard when they were asking for the right of everyone to be who he or she is.


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