It is Time for a Staycation

No money to go on holidays? Or maybe you are simply fed up with the stress of travelling? It is time to stay at home.

The answer to all your problems is simple: a staycation. It is fun, it’s relaxing, it is adventurous but without the big bugdet and the stress of catching planes and trains and being stuck in traffic jams.

What do you usually do in your holiday? Seeing new places. Eating good and exotic food. Spending a lot of time with your loved ones and friends. Having fun. Sending postcards. Relaxing. Well, guess what? All of this is also possible at home.

Imagine you would be on holiday in your own house. Imagine everything is new and exciting. Why not taking a bike tour around your own country, visiting museums in your city or going for walks starting from your own house? Later, maybe you’d like to relax at a spa pool or going out for drinks. Why not trying out the Indian restaurant you always drive by? It is all about bringing the holiday atmosphere to your home.

Not only you and your people will realize how good does it feel to just stay at home; also the environment will be thrilled with the gift you’re giving it by reducing your holiday impact. Travelling –and especially flying — causes so many carbon emissions that not polluting thanks to your staycation will make you feel good about yourself.

If you need inspiration check out these staycation-guides by, or Or  simply keep your eyes open for things you usually don’t see in your neighbourhood, but which you would love if you were somewhere else.

Picture courtesy by Godalming Town Clerk, thanks.


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