Wanna Get Some Global Education?

Are you a student or young worker? Are you European? This is your chance to bring North and South, East and West closer together.

The Global Education Network (GLEN) is looking for participants for this year’s learning cycle. It includes seminars with participants from all over Europe, a direct insight into Global Education and an internship in the Global South.

As a GLEN participant in 2010, I mainly learned that there is more than the European view on things and more than the European way of solving problems. I spent three months in Bénin with two amazing other participants from Germany and France. Our attempt to create a Quality Management Guide for a company selling fairtrade products (incredibly delicious dried pineapple) to Europe wasn’t easy, nor did we achieve all our goals.

Nevertheless, it was a very enriching and challenging experience and if it weren’t for it, I would not be here now, writing every day about GE-topics and expanding my knowledge by doing so. I would not be travelling the world right now in order to find out about globalization and I would not be as passionate about creating a more just, equal and sustainable world.

GLEN is about all of that. It has Global Education in its core. It “is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of ten organisations from old and new member states of the European Union.” The idea behind the training cycle offered by the organisation is not just to explore the global south; rather it is about learning how the world is interconnected and what we can do in our home – Europe – to create a more sustainable and fair way of living. “Its uniqueness lies in the combination of seminars/trainings with practice / experience and in the combination of North-South exchange with inner-European exchange.”

So let’s move on to what this year’s internship offers: from Implementation of a carnivore monitoring system in a Georgian national park to Des activités liées à l’environnement comme alternatives durables à l’exploitation du charbon in Togo, you can find internships with all kinds of backgrounds and in very different parts of the world. Look through all the internships here.

If you are from Germany or Switzerland, please also have a look at the ASA-internships for 2012. ASA is the German GLEN-partner and offers an even broader field of possible internships. Besides, it is – like GLEN – an amazing network of wonderfully creative and inspiring people.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about those two organizations. I enjoyed every moment of my GLEN experience and can recommend it to everyone.

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