Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

Health is a package deal. That is my final conclusion after four weeks of my living food experience.

Eating healthy is not enough for achieving a balanced lifestyle and for being in touch with your body. That is why raw foodists combine it with excercise and meditation.

Talking to my classmates at the Living-Food class at Raw Club Buenos Aires yesterday, I realized how we all have so much more in common that our concern and interest for healthy food. All of us happen to practice Yoga for example.

That makes sense, since the core of of the raw food idea is to detox your body. It means giving your body only the vitamins and minerals it really needs, without feeding it with toxic substances.

At the same time, balance on a spiritual level is a goal. Meditation helps you to detox your mind and find inner peace. It is an important part of health which should not be left out. Yoga is a good way of starting with finding that connection; it will teach you to regulate your breath and to empty your mind from unnecessary thoughts.

Finally, physical excercise helps you to keep your body, every muscle of it, alive and healthy. We are never too old to play!  So if you see a tree, climb it.

Watch the following video by raw food expert Dan McDonald doing some yoga explaining how breathing is important to connect with your body:

The living food lifestyle is an all-encompassing way to organize your life, being in balance not only with your mind and body but also with the environment. Yoga and Raw Food are really just two parts of the same idea.

Finally, I would like to share with you some of the delicious foods prepared in yesterday’s class:

Downward Dog picture by aquababe, gracias.


2 thoughts on “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

  1. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned at your Living-Food class…it sounds like an amazing experience!! I’m just getting started on my adventure into raw foods and daily hot yoga, so I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s so true that being healthy requires more than just eating right…it’s about a lifestyle change. That’s why when people ask me about my food choices, I try not to call it a diet….but what can we call it instead? A lifestyle?

  2. Or maybe even a religion? 😀 Diet is definitely not a good word or people will think you just want to lose weight. It’s hard to explain but really the religion is not so far of since I guess the word “believe” is part of the explanation: “I believe that this lifestyle is what is best for me…” (ok so it’s a lifestyle after all). All the best for your voyage, I’m looking forward to future posts!

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