Vegetables on the Window

Plants can literally grow anywhere. If we continue taking away their natural space, we should at least start giving them some new ones.

Windowfarms wants “to empower urban dwellers to grow some of their own food inside year-round.”

Imagine a bunch of inventors and home gardeners from all over the globe trying to make one big dream come true: gardens in city appartments. The people behind Windowfarms believe that “growing some portion of one’s own food is a simple pleasure that can make a big difference in one’s relationship with nature.” With those little window gardens they try to fight the growing number of food deserts – or urban areas where no fresh fruit of veggies are available.

No matter where you live: with some special tuning, you can make a little garden grow in your living room. Windowfarms follows exactly that idea – people trying it out themselves. They call the whole thing R&D-I-Y (“research and develop it yourself”). You can probably find a group of people around you who are already experimenting with windowfarms’ ideas and you can learn from their experience. Just have a look in the Group-Section.

Here you can find some more background of the Windowfarm idea:

To get a better impression of the whole story, watch this TED-talk by co-funder Britta Riley:


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