I Might Need a New Phone

Blackberry, Xperia, Iphone, Nexus – new phones and types are popping up faster and faster. How can we even keep up the pace?

We are living in a time where right next to paper and glass recycle containers you can also find one for your cellphones.

Things are not even made to last anymore. With planned obsolescence we have the throw-away mentality at the heart of our economic system. Nobody can explain things better than the people from Story of Stuff so I’ll head over the floor to Annie Leonard:

Click here to watch the Story of Electronics.

Now, extended producer responsibility sounds like a good plan. Responsibility in general. That also applies to you and I. If you must buy a new phone or computer, consider at least the environmental factors.

Greenpeace recently published a Guide to Greener Electronics which hopefully encourages companies to keep on greening their products. Winner is HP – “strongest on sustainable operations and energy criteria”. Dell and Apple are the two runner ups, while Nokia, still coming in second, is loosing ground. The report was published in its 17th edition and “ranks 15 leading mobile phone, TV and PC manufacturers on policies and practices to reduce their impact on the climate, produce greener products, and make their operations more sustainable.”

But you know, the greenest choice is to choose not to choose anything. I definitely don’t need a new phone.

Picture by kimberlyrenae. Thanks.

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