Schools for Life

Do you think you learned anything useful in school? Useful for getting a job for example?

Maybe yes and maybe not. But school is there and it paves the way for whatever comes after. Now what if school and what comes after do not have much in common?

Luckily, I’m not the only one realizing the growing discrepancies between what is taught at schools and the real world. UNESCO is on it. The Education for All Global Monitoring Report is tackling the topic of “Youth, skills and work” for 2012. “The Report will draw lessons from programmes that have succeeded in supporting the development of economically dynamic and socially inclusive societies.”

It is not only analyzing programmes, though. It also listens to the people who know most about the gap between school and reality: you and I. On the Youth, Skills & Work blog you can leave your own story, impression or critique on how the school system does or does not prepare young people for the world they are supposed to be living in.

On the blog you will find stories from Cambodia, Spain and the UK so far with many more to come. You can also find questions like: “Young people are now being told that “employability” is becoming more important than expecting to have a long-term job. But what do you want? Would you prefer the stability of long-term employment or knowing that your skills make you adaptable to a wide range of jobs?” You can share your own view in video, text or whatever else comes to your mind. This is a good chance to make school more about life and the challenges it holds for us.

Personally, I believe that learning is a lifelong process. It starts way before school and it never ends. School does play an important role, however. It should teach us about learning and about the world and its actors. In order for us to be able to continue to learn, to know where to look for information and how to teach ourselves whatever skills we need in life. It gives us the tools for lifelong learning. I guess that’s what I will submit to the blog. What about you?


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