The Thing with the Trees

So Christmas is over once again and the world is left with thousands of holes where once there were trees.

Besides, we also have new mountains of wasted wrapping paper (more dead trees). Isn’t it an incredible sustainable holiday?! Now, let’s be crazy for a moment shortly before the end of this – indeed – crazy year. Imagine for a second that every family would PLANT a tree instead of cutting it down.

Planting trees is pretty much the best thing one can do. Planting trees fights deserts and desertification, helps preserving the threatened fresh water cycles and it helps to empower people “as an entry point- for self-determination, equity, improved livelihoods and security”. It is an important tool no matter if you live in Kenya – where the Green Belt Movement was born – or on other continents of the world.

Last time I checked, Christmas was about love and giving presents. Planting a tree is the biggest present you can give the Earth, the local ecosystem and your community. If you don’t like to get dirty (even if after yesterday’s post, I advise you to go for the real experience), you can support an NGO like I Plant A Tree who will grow trees in your region and helps you understand how much CO2 every tree saves. The project started in Germany and is now spreading all over the world. On the map, you can see where trees have been planted by members of the online community or the NGO. You can not only support them to plant trees in a selected location but you can also offer you acreages for plantation.

So I propose to rewrite the story. Let’s make Christmas about planting trees, not cutting them down. That is much more in the idea of the occasion, don’t you think?

Picture by timmredpath, gracias.


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